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The best part of travelling, may not be the destination itself but the journey. Regardless of where you want to go, don't forget to pack yourself a playlist of tracks you'll be able to enjoy on the way there! Here are a couple of handpicked songs for your travel needs.

  • “The Open Boat” by PRIMARY
Why not add “The Open Boat” by PRIMARY on to your playlist? Released in April 2018, this song poses a melancholic touch, going beyond the horizon towards the unknown.
  • Paradise” by Seenroot.
On the road, get this up beat track - “Paradise” by Seenroot. Coloured with beats to pump up your tropical trip, this track will not disappoint!
  • "Viajante" by PUDDITORIUM
 You may be wondering why is there a Portuguese song on this list? Well it is composed by a respected Korean producer Kim Jung-Bum. Regardless of the language, this track truly fuels your soul. Additionally featuring the calming and sweet vocal by Brazilian artist - Fabio Cadore, you are surely in for a treat, sprinkled with a relaxing day away!
  • "Sandcastles" by Asuel
Wherever you go, you'll grow along the road. The songs speaks of a traveler who breaks out of the constructed sandcastle which she calls home, while waiting on a lover. The MV portrays this bittersweet song disguised under the endless wandering from city to the ocean.

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