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The final showcase of The Boss was held in 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall. Fans gathered early in the morning and albums were sold out! The showcase is supported and sponsored by KCC paint, Umobile,  1Shamelin Shopping Mall, Seremban Prima, Mahkota Parade, HiStyle, The Sky, HongDae-Mun, e.City Hotel, EPOP, YG Magazine, Neway and Herm Model. The boys (Mika, Injun, Hyunmin, Karam, Jay) dressed in blue greeted the fans on stage and perform an upbeat song - “We Are Together”.

Next, The Boss incredible solid performance of the ballad “Sad Story”. The boys were then asked various questions on stage and fans got to know a little more about their thoughts on Malaysia. They were very enthusiastic about the food in Malaysia such as Satay, Rice, Chicken Rice, Bak kut teh and Rojak. The boys also expressed Malaysian phrases that they have learnt such as (Karam) “Saya nak kencing”and “Kamu Cantik”. “What are you” is the next song The Boss performed.

Shortly after their performance, the game session is on. The boys got to personally pick a fan from the crowd to join them on stage for the game session. Fans were eager to be picked, Mika who apparently got down from the stage and personally took his fan on stage. Karam on the other hand, chose a male fan and playfully got on to his fan’s back before the game starts (piggyback). The game session (Charades) were fun and exciting to watch as the fans guessed the word of what The Boys were acting out. The Boss were high-spirited and humorous. Once again, fans got to see a hilarious side of The Boss! Following that, the 4th song performed is the energetic song “New Boyz”.
The Boss once again expressed how they never expected such a huge response from the fans in Malaysia and that they are happy. The Boss then went on to perform “Why Goodbye” and ended with their final performance of “Lady”. Fortunately, fans who purchased their album got to join in for the fan sign and those with photo pass are allowed to take a photo with The Boss. Overall, The Boss showcase was well-received and Our publication would also like to thank New Pro Star for giving us an opportunity to cover this event. Props to New Pro Star for handling the showcase efficiently.

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