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From   May   12th,   the   cast   of   X-­‐MEN:   DAYS   OF   FUTURE   PAST   will   bring   the   film   to audiences around   the   world.   The   first-­‐of-­‐its   kind   event   will   take   Hugh   Jackman,   James   McAvoy,   Michael  Fassbender,  Jennifer  Lawrence,  Patrick  Stewart,  Ian  McKellen,  Nicholas  Hoult,  Ellen  Page,  Peter  Dinklage,   Shawn   Ashmore,   Omar   Sy,   Daniel   Cundmore   Evan   Peters,   and   Fan   BingBing   to   key  cities,  with  global  premieres,  live  chats,  exclusive  videos  and  photos.

The  “X-­‐Men  X-­‐Perience”,  presented  by  TCL,  kicks  off  with  the  major  ensemble  cast  at  the  global  premiere   in   New   York   City   on   Saturday,   May   10th(PT).   The   cast   will   then   divide   to   cover   the  world  and  appear  in  different  countries  the  entire  week  of  May  12th.  
Stay  tuned  to  the  X-­‐Men  social  channels  for  more  details  and  to  see  photos  and  videos  from  all  of   the   premieres   in   real-­‐time   as   if   you   were   there!   Don’t   forget   to   start   sending   questions   for  the  cast  now  with  #XMenLive.  The  global  schedule  is  as  follows:

X-­‐MEN  X-­‐PERIENCE  SCHEDULE  (all  times  SGT) :-

Sunday,  May  11th  -­‐  NEW  YORK  Global  Premiere
All  Day  -­‐  Twitter  Chat  with  the  Cast  at  twitter.com/xmenmovies  
7:00am  -­‐  Yahoo  Red  Carpet  Arrivals  Live  Stream  at movies.yahoo.com/movie/x-­‐men-­‐days-­‐of-­‐ future-­‐past/

Tuesday,  May  13th  -­‐  LONDON
1:00am  -­‐  Yahoo  Red  Carpet  Arrivals  Live  Stream  at  uk.movies.yahoo.com/x-­‐men-­‐days-­‐of-­‐future-­‐ past/

Tuesday,  May  13th-­‐  BEIJING
5:30pm  -­‐  Live  coverage  on  X-­‐Men  social  pages  featuring  photos  and  videos

Tuesday,  May  13th-­‐  MOSCOW
10:30pm  -­‐  Live  coverage  on  X-­‐Men  social  pages  featuring  photos  and  videos

Wednesday,  May  14th-­‐  SINGAPORE
6:00pm  -­‐  Live  coverage  on  X-­‐Men  social  pages  featuring  photos  and  videos

Singapore  will  host  the  Southeast  Asia  premiere  of  X-­‐MEN:  DAYS  OF  FUTURE  PAST,  with  the  film’s  superstars  Hugh  Jackman,  Fan  BingBing  and  Peter  Dinklage  attending  the  “blue  carpet”  event.  Fans  and  media  from  around  the  Asia-­‐Pacific  region  and  even  as  far  as  Germany,  will  fly
in  for  the  “X-­‐Men  X-­‐Perience”  of  a  lifetime  to  get  up  close  and  personal  with  their  favourite  cast
members,  as  well  as  win  exclusive  movie  merchandise  and  tickets  to  catch  the  film.      

Friday,  May  16th-­‐  SAO  PAULO
6:00am-­‐  Live  coverage  on  X-­‐Men  social  pages  featuring  photos  and  videos

Friday,  May  16th-­‐  MELBOURNE
3:00pm-­‐  Live  coverage  on  X-­‐Men  social  pages  featuring  photos  and  videos
Time  TBC-­‐  Grand  Finale  Tumblr  Chat  with  Cast  Members  at  xmenmovies.tumblr.com    

For  the  latest  updates  on  the  Southeast  Asia  Premiere  in  Singapore,  visit  www.facebook.com/twentiethcenturyfoxsingapore.  The  Blue  Carpet  Event  details  are  as  follow:
Date       Wednesday,  14  May  2014
Venue     Shaw  House,  Urban  Plaza,  350  Orchard  Road
Time       From  6:00pm

The  Highlights  Feed  will  feature  the  best  of  the  best  videos  and  photos  from  each  location.  You  can  view  the  content  per  country  or  from  all  over  the  globe  at  once.  Feed  will  be  updated  starting  May  10th  and  throughout  the  entire  “X-­‐Men  X-­‐Perience”  takeover.
URL:  http://x-­‐menmovies.com/x-­‐perience/widget

The  Instagram  Wall  will  have  exciting  photos  and  short  videos  from  each  of  the  premieres  the  moment  the  stars  arrive.  Wall  will  be  updated  starting  May  10th  and  throughout  the  entire  “X-­‐ Men  X-­‐Perience”  takeover.
URL:  http://x-­‐menmovies.com/instagram/

Global announcement  by  Hugh  Jackman,  James  McAvoy  and  Michael  Fassbender:

More details on  the  event  by  Hugh  Jackman:

X-­‐MEN:  DAYS  OF  FUTURE  PAST  OFFICIAL  SITES  http://www.x-­‐menmovies.com    https://www.facebook.com/twentiethcenturyfoxsingapore  https://twitter.com/foxsingapore  http://www.youtube.com/user/foxsingapore  http://instagram.com/twentiethcenturyfoxsingapore  http://www.xmenmovies.tumblr.com


The   ultimate   X-­‐Men   ensemble   fights   a   war   for   the   survival   of   the   species   across     two   time  periods   in   X-­‐Men:   Days   of   Future   Past.   The   beloved   characters   from   the   original   "X-­‐Men"   film  trilogy  join  forces  with  their  younger  selves  from  "X-­‐Men:  First  Class"  in  an  epic  battle  that  must  change   the   past   -­‐   to   save   our   future.   Directed   by   Bryan   Singer   and   starring   Hugh   Jackman,  James  McAvoy,  Michael  Fassbender,  Jennifer  Lawrence,  Halle  Berry,  Ellen  Page,  Peter  Dinklage,  Fan  Bingbing,  Patrick  Stewart  and  Ian  McKellen.

 X-­‐Men:   Days   of   Future   Past   opens   in   Singapore   cinemas   on   May   22,   with   special sneak previews  starting  May  21.  

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