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Skull and Haha press conference was held at the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel on the 20th December 2013 and greeted those present with a polite smile and cheerfulness. This press conference shows their views on music and their lifestyle, as well as Malaysia. Check out questions asked below (translated from Korean during the press conference).

Q: Upon discovering reggae, how did it influence your lifestyle and music? 
Haha : As you all know, Skull is like the leading industry person for reggae in Korea, the first impression of him is that he is really crazy and Skull from head to toe, everything about him is reggae. I thought he must be so tired everyday. The moment I fell in love with reggae, I started wearing reggae underwear as well. My life now is just entirely reggae.

Skull : Everybody think Haha is just an entertainer but his love for reggae his big. Of course I love reggae and collect some reggae items but Haha has about 10 times more reggae items than me. It's really crazy in a good way.

Q: How did you start liking reggae?
Haha : At first, I wasn't that into reggae music but I love reggae type hairstyle and fashion sense. I started then became more interested into reggae music, back then there wasn't many that were into reggae music and then I met Skull and he became an inspirational of reggae to me.

Q : Will there be any new artist or rookie you would want to do a collaboration in the near future? 
Haha : Reggae is not a very popular genre in Korea, when me and Skull started as a duo reggae, many people doubted us such as "can they last in this industry?". We kept pushing and try really hard till many people too want to collaboration with us. This coming Christmas we'll be having a collab concert with the group Leessang. Also, next year (2014) there will be more collabs with other artists.

Q: How would you rank the Running Man members? (Question directed to Haha)
Haha : On one of the running man episodes, there was a ranking and I ranked the lowest than the guy I think I'm more better than but I think that it's not about rating myself on the show because everybody has a different role on the show. It's never like this role is more important or that role is more important, we are all necessary to make the entire show which is running man. The most important thing is I'm married.

Skull : Looking at Haha, he is very hardworking but does take care of people around him so I really respect that and I'm so proud of it because he's doing his show program very good and also he also work very hard with music.

Q: Do you write your own songs and what are your inspiration?
Skull : When Haha drinks, he really inspires me. Our music is always honest and we're really proud of it. We always tell you our story not others.

Q: Now Haha have a new born child, will he be having a second child?
Haha : I'm very grateful for having a first child, his name is Dream and I would like to have a second one. But I would like to give as much love as possible to the my kid first then maybe I'll have another child maybe in the next two years.

Skull : Whenever he (Haha) shows me his son's picture, and I envy him but I go to the club and I can forget everything. Maybe I'll go club again, just kidding, maybe tomorrow.

Q : When will Skull parcipitate in Running Man?
Haha : He was on running man before but it was for a short time but after his new album released, he might be on running man again. Also, his hair is so uncomfortable to run with, I don't think it will be the right time.

Q : Being in the entertainment industry, it must be stressful so how do you releases stress?
Haha : Eating for me is the best way. Skull also love to eat. Satay, roti canai and nasi lemak. We always like to try new food and even before we came, we discussed what we'll be eating when we reached Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh!

That concludes the press conference, the reggae duo really spice things up. Also, we want to thank Leap IMS for the opportunity.The high energy night showcase really break away from mainstream Korean Pop and gave the fans an opportunity to experience a fusion of reggae with the Korean language. Also, the duo shared good humor on stage. Their showcase on Saturday brought out their reggae flow of energy and enthusiasm. The crowd roared along with them as they perform each song.

Following are the stunning songs sang during their showcase :-
1) Reggaerilla
2) Big Up (featuring super reggae/hip hop producer NUOL)
3) No More Trouble
4) From Fool to Fool
5) Ha Wa U?? Fine Thank You!!
6) Busan Vacance
7) Ragga Muffin Haha's remix
9) Boom Di Boom Di
10) YMCA
11) X'mas remix
12) Hennessy
19 (a rare live performance)
13) No Woman No Cry
14) Sweet Rice Cake

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