"One Great Step" Malaysia World Tour concert, mainly sponsored by Magnum, organized by IME Productions, will be proudly kicked off on 19th October 2013, 7.30p.m at Stadium Negara. INFINITE ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ started in Seoul on 9th Aug with heat, followed by Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Japan. Tickets for Malaysia tour had literally sold out for RM183, and VVIP (L1 / L2 / L3 / R1 / R2 / R3), whereas the other tickets are selling at high demand with less seats left.

Malaysia will be one of the destinations for the ONE GREAT STEP world tour in Asia. INFINITE will be heading to U.S.A and Europe to complete the world tour concert after Asia.  Around three hundred team members from Korea and Malaysia are going to work together to make this concert a success. Apart from that, the organizer is going to spend around one million ringgit Malaysia on the production cost, and to fly in 7 units of escalators, which approximated at 300kg, that are able to lift up each of INFINITE member during the concert's opening. They will be presenting the origins, just for our Malaysia fans. The Malaysia fans club had come out with a sweet thought to support INFINITE, whereas to raise rise donation for those in need. 

2013.09.25 – INFINITE 马来西亚世巡新闻稿

MAGNUM为主要赞助商,IME PRODUCTIONS主办的INFINITE <ONE GREAT STEP> 马来西亚 站世界巡回演唱会即将在10 19日,晚上730分在STADIUM NEGARA举行。INFINITE世巡于89日在韩国首尔掀开序幕后,香港,曼谷,日本等场次票房连续开出红盘,马来西亚主办单位也宣布票价RM183 以及 VVIP (L1/L2/L3/R1/R2/R3)售完,其它票价也所剩无几并持续热卖中。
近期在日本完成世巡的INFINITE在记者会上表示希望各地的歌迷能期待他们的演出,成员Hoya谈及世巡的看点时表示 BAND现场演奏的Live,统一 99.9%的舞蹈,还有我们一贯自由欢快的氛围等等,以及为INSPIRIT准备的特别环节都诚意满分”。其他成员也表示通过世界各地不同的文化和感受融入在音乐中,可以和大家成为一体,并成为帅气的团体而加油。当中在世巡的日期中日本横滨站恰逢中秋节,成员们也穿着韩服演唱其中一部分歌曲和在场的歌迷们共庆中秋。