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Official Commencement Date of Challenge: 18th July, 2013
Final Challenge ‘LIVE’ Event: 11th August, 2013, Sunday, 3:00PM
Chinatown Point – Atrium, Level 1
Singapore (18th July, 2013) – Warner Music Singapore is proud to present Singapore’s ONE and ONLY Official Gwiyomi Challenge this August!

[Gwiyomi Song], the Viral Phenomenon

What exactly is ‘Gwiyomi’? ‘Gwiyomi’ is a Korean slang used in reference to a cute person; and the “Gwiyomi Song’ is a K-pop single by Korean artiste Hari. The song was inspired from a series of hand movements involving the counting of numbers in a cute way created by a member of a Korean boy band. This set of hand gesture is called 'Gwiyomi Player', which became an Internet meme following its first appearance on Korea’s reality show. From then, the [Gwiyomi Song] went on to be a viral success after Korean Media outlet Sports Seoul uploaded a clip of Hari performing the gestures and singing the song.   
The [Gwiyomi Song] viral trend became widespread on the Internet after many Korean stars such as Super Junior, Girls Generation, Kim Hyun Joong and others uploaded their own adorable version of the [Gwiyomi Song].

This led to the phenomenon to begin trending in several other countries in the region, including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and China. Many netizens across all ages, nationalities and gender started to upload their own creation of the [Gwiyomi Song]; one of the clips from a non-celebrity has chalked up over 8 million views till date!

The [Gwiyomi Song] was described by some media as the latest web-viral sensation that has unseated [Gangnam Style] to become the new K-pop craze!

Here in Singapore, many local artistes and well-known personalities such as Mediacorp artistes Tay Ping Hui, Ian Fang, Desmond Tan and others have also jumped on the bandwagon by recording their own version of the [Gwiyomi Song] as well!  

First ever appearance of Hari, the original artiste of [Gwiyomi Song], in Asia!

What makes this event even more exciting is the appearance of Hari, the original artiste of the [Gwiyomi Song], who will be flying in all the way from Korea for this as part of her promotional tour! This is her first ever public appearance outside of Korea and Warner Music Singapore is proud to be the first in the region to invite Hari to officiate the Gwiyomi Challenge.   

Warner Music is the official licensee and label of the [Gwiyomi Song] in the region!

Official Singapore Gwiyomi Challenge wants YOU to take part!

The Gwiyomi Phenomenon has begun its penetration into the heartlands and the Nationwide search for the best and most creative ‘Gwiyomi Player’ is set to drive up a storm with the masses during this National Day period! If you are wondering what to do this upcoming National Day long weekend, why not take part and join in the fun?

Safe and easy to learn even for children as young as 1 year old, everyone is welcome to take part in the Official Singapore Gwiyomi Challenge! You can choose to take part as an individual or if you are camera shy, rope in your friends, family and loved ones to do so in groups! From the entries submitted, fifteen entries will be selected to enter the Grand Finals, which will be held on the 11th of August, Sunday, 3.00PM at Chinatown Point Atrium Level 1.

Participants are encouraged to be as creative as they can; sing in different languages, dialects, dressed up in crazy costumes… be the Best Gwiyomi finalist to win the attractive prizes! Top prizes includes a pair of return tickets to Korea, $1000 worth of Cortina watch voucher, an iPad mini and many others. All fifteen finalists will walk away with at least a prize!
More participation details can be found at the Official Facebook Event Page. Interested participants can check out Mode Entertainment and Warner Music Singapore’s Facebook for more information.

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