[Exclusive] Interview with The Sam Willows

The Sam Willows are back with an all new look and music! The recently released music video “Keep Me Jealous” features zesty aesthetics and an electronic pop sound. When asked what the video is about, member Narelle answered "It kind of aligns with the song “Keep Me Jealous” which talks about the balance you've to keep in your relationship. In a sense, it's to keep your partner interested, not to let go and to take everything for granted. But also, too much jealousy kills the relationship. The tension between jealousy and love. The little character in the music video is kind of like “jealousy”. Four of us just play like characters in the house, quite a loosely based thing so it flips and causes the destruction of everything. So at first it was all like fun and games and suddenly you start to get a bit of jealous and jealousy turns to anger and in the end we all explode. And it's just there because he won."

The Sam Willows expressed their gratitude towards Sony Music as they were able to travel around the world. Benjamin shared that they were given a chance to go to Sweden to write an album and it was a mind-boggling experience as they never thought they'll be able to do music professionally outside of Singapore. Narelle shares that the experience in Sweden making music was a dream come true.

When asked what advice would they have for those who wanted to start making music, Narelle states that to just do it and to have commitment. The one thing that separated The Sam Willows from the others were that they've made a conscious effort to pursue music. “If we are going to invest the time, friendship or whatever, we're not going to leave half-way. We're here to the long run.” - Narelle

“I think what's important is that we never have a plan B. We weren't going to say if our original music doesn't work out, let's just a play in a bar or a club. We only have plan A and we're stuck with plan A and still sticking to it.” - Jon

The Sam Willows debuted on the music scene five years ago, and have stick together throughout. Sandra shares that they have graduated from friends to family. “Family is a lot of different from friends, it's like you cannot quit family”.

The group showcased a different style of music compared to their previous album, when asked if they had anxiety, Benjamin shares “Yes and no because if a band doesn't change in the span of it's life, then it's kind of boring. For us, we know that whatever creative decision we made no matter if it's music or fashion, some people will be on board and some people will not but that's just life”. The four members recognized that everyone has an opinion and that they were cool with whatever the feedback they received from the fans. The Sam Willows are known for their acoustic take on music, with their upcoming album, Narelle articulated that they do in fact love the acoustics but they want to move pass that. However, fans will certainly still hear their acoustics cover of their songs when the group performs live.

Their new song is catchy and a great dance track. Benjamin and Narelle shared that their favorite line from the song is the chorus - “To Keep Me Jealous ~”, Benjamin shares it is quite a hard line to sing however they were really happy when they wrote it. Jon states the line “I used to love our mind games made me feel alive” is his favorite line from the song.

The album was written by the four of them and also two other writers from Sweden. With several people making the album, it was easier to find out if a tune or a line works well stated by Narelle.

"I think the most important thing is that even if it's a pop song, there must be an element of truth to it. For us, it was like we're all 20s and had relationships which were muddy and complicated. Jealousy was a thing we wanted to paint a relationship that was real. Even a song like this, there's truth to it". - Benjamin. 

[Exclusive] Rising from the ashes : An Interview with James Arthur

James Arthur touched down to Malaysia for Sony’s Music - Stars In Sight showcase. He graced the stage with his guitar and played several covers and tracks from his album  -"Back from the Edge". He has sold over 200k singles - "Say You Won't Let Go" in Malaysia and have received the Platinum Sales Award by Sony Music Malaysia. After winning X factor back in 2012, he has resurfaced with an all new album and continues to top charts all over the world.

What was your through process while making the album?
A : Well I have lost my record deal and went through a very hard time after the X Factor. I was struggling with some mental health issues I kind of felt like I’ve lost everything and my purpose. The idea of the album was just to write some songs and hopefully to help inspire people and connect with people. It was basically me just speaking my mind. It was a cathartic and therapeutic experience.

Which song is your personal favorite?
A : Probably, “Train Wreck”. I feel like it’s vocally, the most honest and I’m proud of the lyrics as well. Another theme of the album is honesty, songs like “Train Wreck”,“Finally” and “Remember Who I Was” those kind of songs feels like heartfelt and honest.

The recently released music video, “Can I be Him”, could tell me a little about the song?
A : Well I think it’s just that unrequited love thing, you know everybody probably have been in love with someone and they don’t know about it. It’s kind of self explanatory, you know being sad about wanting that person.

“Say You Won’t Let Go” has become of the most successful song, how do you feel about that?
A : Good! Yeah whenever I write songs I hope people could relate with them. To see so many people to relate with that song is a dream come true.

You mentioned being through a lot after the X Factor, how do you keep up that spirit to keep making music?
A : Because I’m not really good at anything else probably. But it helps me channel my energy. I guess I have a lot of nervous energy and when I make music, it makes me feel better. I think it’s what I’m supposed to do, it’s my destiny to make music.

When you started off with your career, is there a British artist you want to emulate in the charts?
A : Yeah, of course. There’s many. Anyone who’s made hits really. I’m a fan of people like Plan B. There’s a lot of British artists right now that are doing really well.

Were doubt that you won’t be able to pull off this comeback?
A : Of course, but realistically, I thought there wasn’t much chance of coming back. X Factor winners usually you never hear about them again. I thought maybe I was one of those guys, just someone who disappears but I believed in my ability and my music. That has what got me through.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming book?
A : It’s an autobiography but it’s also kind of a self-help book. It talks about my struggles with mental health and I’m hoping that it will help as a self-help book for people as well. I was asked if I would like to write about my story because it’s been inspirational and it’s such an underdog story. In my country anyways, people were amazed that I managed to comeback. I guessed people wanted to know how I did it, and know more about me and my life. It’s been an enjoyable experience writing this book.

Do you keep in touch with the other X factor contestants?
A : Yeah I do such as Ella Henderson, Rylan.

You are known to be a soulful singer,
A : Yeah I mean the album, has a lot of diversity on there. There’s R&B, Rock and Hip Hop. In the next album, I intend to try lots of different things. I wanna make albums that are diverse and have different styles.

Could you describe a little on how you regain confidence?
A : I think it’s from seeing the fruits of my hard-work. I worked very hard to get back to where I am. I’ve put the hours in the studio and writing music. Getting my health back to where it should be. To see how to manifested and brought me so much success, it has gave me much confidence.

What’s in your definition a beautiful song and which song you’ve heard before in your opinion is a beautiful song?
A : Well I think a beautiful song first of all is relatable and something you can believe in. Something that gives you faith and hope. Honest lyrics as well. The one that springs to mind is probably Adele’s Make You Feel My Love. There’s a song by Miguel called Leaves.

Looking back, would you have done things differently?
A : Nope, no regrets. There’s somethings I’ve said that I would love to take back. Like I said, I was going through a nervous breakdown because I went from absolutely nothing to everything overnight. It was very difficult to wrap my head around it, I was doing a lot of self medicating. Some of the things I’ve said were irresponsible and childish and I’ve set a bad example to the kids who may have been looking up to me at that time. There’s certain language I’ve used that were irresponsible. I regret some of that but it made me who I am today. It shaped my future. I believe everything happens for a reason.

Do you still feel nervous before going on stage?
A : Not on stage anymore, it’s always good to have a little nervousness before going on stage. If you’re nervous before a show, you can turn that into power and good energy. I think anybody does, even guys who’s been doing it for decades will feel nervous for sure but not in the way that I used to.

What advice would you give to those who are diagnosed with mental health issues?
A : The best advice I would give is not to look too for into the future and not look back very much because if you look back, all you gonna feel is guilt and regret. If you look forward, you’re just gonna feel the anxiety. I think anybody who suffers from any mental health disorder needs to take it day by day and live in the now as much as possible.  

Do you consider your comeback the biggest milestone you've achieved in your life and what would you like to achieve in the future? 
A : I would consider coming back and having a number one single the biggest milestone in my career. Being recognized on other side of the world and having a hit in America. This was something six months ago, a ridiculous idea. Not many people know but I'm very interested in moving into other forms of creativity like acting. I would love to be featured in a film or be involved in the making such as soundtracks. I love movies 



The wait is over! Korea uprising boyband, SEVENTEEN will be making their way to Malaysia for their very first world tour!

Debuted in 2015 under Pledis Entertainment, Seventeen has been gaining so much of attention both domestically and internationally. By popular demand, IME Malaysia will be bringing the boys to Kuala Lumpur for 2017 SEVENTEEN 1ST WORLD TOUR “DIAMOND EDGE” IN KUALA LUMPUR.

Date: 9 SEPTEMBER 2017


Korean fans in Malaysia, mark your calendar to catch the one-night-only I·SEOUL·U Concert at KLCC Convention Centre on May 23. With heartthrobs like YeSung best known as a member of the K-pop boy band Super Junior who has recently released his second solo album ‘Spring Falling’, Red Velvet one of the hottest girl group acts right now and NCT 127, a sub-unit of the Korean pop boy group NCT, the two-hour show will leave fans wanting more. Malaysian rapper Altimet and pop trio De Fam will serve as opening acts.

In conjunction with this star-studded concert, the Seoul Metropolitan Government who is also the sponsor of the show, will be hosting a Korean-themed pavilion at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to promote Seoul as a key tourist destination on the same day. Fans can pop by the venue and indulge in all things Korean such as the halal Korean food, ski-jump in virtual reality experience, K-pop dance performances and many more. 

Admission for both events are free*, however, fans will have to redeem tickets to the I·SEOUL·U Concert from May 11. For more information on ticket redemption, please visit www.ticketcharge.com.my or call +603 9222 8811.

As the official media partner of the I-SEOUL-U Concert, Astro customers can redeem passes to the concert via www.astrocircle.astro.com.my .

* Individual under 13 years old are not permitted.
* School attire are strictly prohibited.
* Free-come-first-served basis.
* Tickets are not-for-sale.
* Terms and conditions apply.

[Interview] Tabitha Nauser's debut single "Bulletproof" out now!

Tabitha Nauser stepped on the entertainment scene and made a name for herself when she participated in Singapore Idol back in 2009, captivating audience with her musical vocals and up-beat personality. Since then, she has represented Asia to sing the official theme song of the Youth Olympic Games alongside Sean Kingston, and performing at the White House State Dinner for Singapore in Washington, D.C.

The newly released debut single "Bulletproof" has been garnering attention as the single charted at #1 and #4 on Spotify and iTunes respectively and topped local radio 987FM's chart #3. Check out the sexy dance track below :-

Can you tell us about the song newly released single “Bulletproof”?
Bulletproof is about love, unconditional love, all forgiving love, love that’s going to conquour the world. That’s what the song is about but at the same time, the song talks about it’s not an easy, fairy-tale happy ending love story. It’s really interesting because I feel like we’ve mashed up quite a number of different genres into this song. It’s really hard for me to put it in a box, because the song got this really dark sound, moody but at when you get to the chorus, it becomes a dance track. It has got that pop sensibility to it but it also had influences of R&B, a little bit of hip-hop with a heavy bass. If somebody wants to listen to it and they’re not quite sure what the song is about, I would say it’s one of those tracks where you’ll get a little bit of everything.

What’s the best situation where you turn up “Bulletproof”?
If you feel like dancing! If you wanna dance and movie, this is the song! It’s kind of a sexy song.

Tabitha Nauser is known for her impeccable fashion, her Instagram has over 30k Intagram followers. When asked which outfit defines her overall style. She shared that it would be an all black ensemble she wore to the Singapore’s Fashion Week 2016. Tabitha explained her style got that street edge with the hairstyle and the over sized jacket. Her love of high fashion and the street flair coming together to produce a certain “je ne sais quoi” that translates to her fashion.

You are known for participating in Singapore Idol and that has made your name, however do you think there’s another step to your career?
For sure, Singapore Idol helped opened doors for me in terms of putting my name out there. From there, I’ve got so many gigs and I’ve basically built my career for the past 6/7 years but definetely that was just a tiny step. I want to be able to achieve much more. I just can’t wait to put the EP out, then I’ll be able say maybe say like “Hey, you know what maybe we could tour? Or put out a full length album”. There’s so many more things we could add on to that. I think it’s going to be very exciting, the next couple of months or the next year or so.

Will there be any planned showcases for the upcoming EP?
We have a couple but I don’t know if it’s public. In terms of public ones, I’m too sure yet but it mainly depends on where we’ll be heading to. Who knows? We might be coming back to KL again to do a show. We’ll see how it goes.

You were in a couple of theater shows, which are your favorites?
Let me clarify a little bit, I don’t think I’m an actress and I feel like I can’t really call myself a theatre kid either because I haven’t actually studied it. I have been lucky enough to be able to audition really cool roles and have been able to get the part. I’ve loved musicals, because you still get to sing and dance. I recently did “RENT” last year and that was one of my favorite musicals of all time so to be able to that was amazing for me. I don’t know if I’ll be doing more but I’m not so sure. It also depends on what role it is.

“?What is the one memorable line from “Bulletproof
The line would be “The one thing I’m addicted to is being on the edge with you”. That one’s my favorite. I din’t write the line but I feel with it because it talks about how when your head over heals for somebody, you literally do anything for them and it’s exciting at the same time.

Being a singer from Singapore, do you think you’ll be branching out to other countries?
I think for alot of artists here at some point it’s their vision. They would want to be able to branch outside, and so for me is the same as well. I would want to be able to do that so yeah that’s kind of what we’re trying to work towards as well.

You are known for your fashion, do you think the public would be seeing a collaboration with a brand soon?
I would love to be able to do something like that. It’ll be really cool if I were able to do sneakers. Hopefully something happens where I’m able to do so.

What’s your favorite scene from the “Bulletproof” music video?
I love that we got to do so many different kind of looks but I think my favorite scene was the one at the end where you can see my silhouette. Just because it looks very vulnerable and I like how it ties in with the rest of the music video as well. It showed a bit more of a gentler side to me. Just aesthetically it looks pretty nice. I’ve always wanted to do a silhouette shot, and I’ve done it.

How would you see yourself as a singer this year?

I’ve got a couple of kind of big shows line up for the second half of the year. Hopefully, I’ll be able to put out more music before that. We’ve got a second single that would be coming out very soon. So hopefully we’ll be able to get a couple more out before the main show. I think this year for me is going to be recording as much as I can so that we can get the EP ready before the end of this year. But for the mean time, we’ll be releasing singles every couple of months.  

AOMG Follow The Movement is coming to Singapore!

Fans of AOMG will be happy to hear that the Korean hip hop and R&B record label will be bringing the highly anticipated AOMG Follow The Movement Tour to Singapore this May.

Organized by concert promoters Amplified Production and StarSpeed Entertainment, this marks AOMG’s first concert in Singapore and will feature five artistes under its roster including Jay Park, Simon Dominic, Loco, DJ Pumkin and Gray.

With a power lineup and sold out successes in other tour cities to vouch for it, the AOMG crew is ready to bring the house down with their explosive energy, sharp lyrics and head-thumping, infectious beats. Audience can expect a night of unforgettable Korean hip hop experience.

Get your swag on and follow the movement. After all, there ain’t no party like an AOMG party!

Suntec Convention Centre Hall 601-604
1 Raffles Boulevard,
Suntec City,
Singapore 039593

Urbanscapes 2017 announces final additions to city-wide creative arts festival lineup

Latest lineup announcements include Cigarettes After Sex with Ulrich Schnauss (live) + Nat Urazmetova (visuals), Crystal Castles and hyukoh to round up the festival’s formidable music front, while its city-wide takeover pumps creativity into the he(art) of Chinatown

KUALA LUMPUR, 31 MARCH 2017 — The city-wide, three-weekend-long creative arts celebration, Urbanscapes 2017, today announced more music acts to its lineup, which include Cigarettes After Sex with Ulrich Schnauss (live) + Nat Urazmetova (visuals), Crystal Castles, hyukoh and many more regional and local scene-shakers to an already formidable music front made up of Clean Bandit, Mew, Mylets, Stars and Rabbit, The Trees & The Wild and TTNG.

U Mobile, a dynamic telco known for its data innovation, joins Urbanscapes as a partner presenter this year. To celebrate the partnership between Urbanscapes and U Mobile, U Mobile subscribers will be able to enjoy special ticket prices to all ticketed Urbanscapes 2017 shows, as well as other perks.

Topping the music bill with a ton of international, regional and local artists is
American ambient pop collective Cigarettes After Sex (“Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”), who shares the stage with Ulrich Schnauss (live) + Nat Urazmetova (visuals). Ulrich Schnauss (“Goodbye”) is the German electronic producer and master of the synthesizer. On 9 May at the recently-reopened The Bee Publika, the matching of Cigarettes After Sex and Ulrich Schnauss is sure to be marked by airy, ethereal melodics, with The Bee Publika serving as an intimate backdrop for the two’s brand of storytelling.

Canadian electronic synth-punk duo Crystal Castles (“Crimewave”) and South Korean indie rock act hyukoh (“Wi Ing Wi Ing”) headline #UNCAGEMUSIC BLOCK PARTY presented by Tiger and Urbanscapes at The Row on 21 May. It’s an exclusive experience; money can’t buy tickets to Crystal Castles and hyukoh’s sets at Slate at The Row, but to score invites, stay tuned to Urbanscapes’ social media channels. A long list of local artists are also lined up to play a closing party to a creative arts festival like no other at The Row; expect a fun-filled day with pop-up bars as well as public art installations by sembilan + friends.

Thailand’s alternative pop trio Yellow Fang (“I Don’t Know”) returns to sink their teeth into Urbanscapes 2017 on 20 May at KL Live. With their dreamy, floaty vocals and shoegaze jangles, Yellow Fang transcends the Thai language barrier for Levi's® presents: 501® Rock & Rivets. The trio is joined by Kuala Lumpur’s finest five-piece Kyoto Protocol (“Jelita” featuring Liyana Fizi), Malaysian rock mainstays Seven Collar T-Shirt (“Faith”), and renowned rock act Tempered Mental (“Honestly”).

In the meantime, here’s a link to the official Urbanscapes 2017 playlist curated by Spotify featuring the stellar selection of acts from the festival’s forward-thinking lineup: http://spoti.fi/2odpQVC.

Further additions to the full Urbanscapes 2017 lineup are as below, encompassing more music, arts and market programmes:

  • Art and activism enthusiasts can celebrate arts and crafts, social causes and urban culture at Art For Grabs: Revisit KL Year 2017, which sets up shop on the weekend of 6 and 7 May at the ground floor of Urbanscapes House.
  • For Urbanscapes 2017, Tiffin takes over Chinatown on 6 & 7 May with Chinatown Chowdown. Expect to dine and wine on exclusive Urbanscapes-themed nosh at various eateries and pop-ups all over Chinatown (such as Chō Chǎ, Hoppers KL, leaf & co. cafe, The Attic Bar, The Berlin KL, The Toast Co., Yum Cha Cafe, and Gerai Tai Tai by Pow Ideas) to celebrate the opening weekend of Urbanscapes 2017, whilst enjoying promotions from participating outlets. There will also be art activations at art galleries in Chinatown.
  • Komik Kon Road Tour: Urbanscapes Pit Stop, in collaboration with Funko Pop Malaysia, KL Sketch Nation and local comic artists, will feature collectible trades, fan-based events, and competitions and showcases. It occupies the third floor of Urbanscapes House on 6 and 7 May.
  • Musika Vinyl Market brings music and vinyl enthusiasts together on 7 May at The Bee Publika to dig around deep crates for classics and curated rarities, new and pre-loved.
  • At The Bee Publika on 13 May, electro-happy, rock’n’roll outfit The Otherside Orchestra celebrates the launch of their sophomore album ‘Disco Chemist’.
  • Electronic music producer Yahna throws a party at The Bee Publika on 14 May with Fauxe, Reddit Rocket, and Random K.I.D. to celebrate his debut LP “Haze”.
  • AHM Remix Party takes place at The Bee Publika on 19 May, featuring local top pop-punk act An Honest Mistake and hosted by Malaysian-made streetwear brand Pestle & Mortar. Pop on by for a listening party of 17 tracks remixed by local and regional electronic artists, as well as live performances by synth band Stellar Dreams, dub kings Naufal & i-Sky, beatmaker and producer Cuurley, and Sabah’s trap DJs DRPX.
  • Sneakerspeek MY returns with ‘When Scenes Collide’ on 20 May at Viva Home Cheras, bringing together sneakerheads and toy collectors in a compelling collision of scenes.
  • Immersio, the art, design and experiential event which is exhibited at Urbanscapes House throughout the three-week festival also welcomes the addition of Filamen and its LED light and motion installation entitled "Inbetween". Also featured would be the previously-announced Paras Bunyi collective, featuring curated projection visual arts from a host of up-and-coming visual artists. Paras Bunyi will also host performances by some of the most cutting-edge electronic musicians and DJs over the weekends for the duration of the festival. For the full Paras Bunyi Live weekend lineups, visit urbanscapes.com.my.
  • #ThisIsKualaLumpur is an enthralling photo project that includes an exhibition and talks on the third floor of Urbanscapes House, as well as day and night photography walking tours in the city. On exhibit are works by Azwan Mahzan (also known as Words Manifest) who created This Is Kuala Lumpur; Prakash Daniel​, the founder of Beards of Malaysia; Zam Nayan; ilifm; and Al Ibrahim.

Adrian Yap, founder and festival director of Urbanscapes, which returns to the city centre for its 15th year shared that he is thrilled with this year’s festival bill: “Urbanscapes has always been best known for celebrating the convergence of the creative arts and music events and experiences for a cultural immersion, stretched citywide. As Urbanscapes circles back to its starting point in central Kuala Lumpur, we’re making arts accessible to all, by bringing more people together than before.”

A true-to-its-name creative arts festival
The region’s finest festival, Urbanscapes 2017, returns to the city centre for its 15th year with a city-wide, three-week long creative arts celebration from 5 May until 21 May themed “Rediscover KL”. Art attendees, festival-goers and pop culture vultures of all ages can look forward to exploring, experiencing,and rediscovering the city as various venues come to life with programmes packed with music and performance art, as well as art installations, talks, thematic markets, workshops and experiential and interdisciplinary events headlined by homegrown, regional and international scene-shakers.

The heart of Urbanscapes, Urbanscapes House, beats on at the historic, heritage building of 2 Hang Kasturi, which again serves as the hub of all Urbanscapes-related activities and festivities.

Week #1 (5 May until 7 May)
Date / Time
Lineup / Programme
Basement, Urbanscapes House
COLLECTIVE | Individuals
Free entry
First floor, Urbanscapes House
Immersio with Paras Bunyi and Filamen
Free entry
Third floor, Urbanscapes House
#ThisIsKualaLumpur Photo Exhibition
Free entry
5 May
Ground floor, Urbanscapes House
HOAX IN THE HOUSE hosted by U Mobile
featuring A-Kid, Afaro, Airliftz, Clumsy Gang, cønfucius, Fi7i, Jaggfuzzbeats, Kidd Santhe, lurkgurl, Naufal & I-Sky, Ninjaboi, Orang Malaya, Renry Hollins, Senna, Youth Portal, viktoria, Zamaera, and zsyia
Invite-only; details on how to win passes to follow
6 May
The Bee Publika
TTNG + Mylets Supporting Acts: This is Atlantis (SG), Cloudy Ku (TW), SWIMS (MY)
Pre-sale, RM118
Regular, RM138

6 & 7 May
Ground Floor, Urbanscapes House
Art For Grabs: Revisit KL Year 2017
Free entry
6 & 7 May
Chinatown Chowdown
Free entry
6 & 7 May
Third Floor, Urbanscapes House
Komik Kon Road Tour: Urbanscapes Pit Stop
Free entry
6 & 7 May
First floor, Urbanscapes House
Paras Bunyi ― Live show
6 May: TKI, Pradana, KAIN, Reddi Rocket, Yahna, VMPRMYTH, with visuals by NERO ONE

7 May: Space Gambus Experiment, HKPT, Orang, Kuning, Yohan & Rivers, with visuals by NERO ONE
Free entry
7 May

The Bee Publika
Musika Vinyl Market
Free entry

Week #2 (8 May until 14 May)

Date / Time
Lineup / Programme
Basement, Urbanscapes House
COLLECTIVE | Individuals
Free entry
First floor, Urbanscapes House
Immersio with Paras Bunyi and Filamen
Free entry
Third floor, Urbanscapes House
#ThisIsKualaLumpur Photo Exhibition
Free entry
9 May
Doors open at 7pm
The Bee Publika
Cigarettes After Sex with
Ulrich Schnauss (live) + Nat Urazmetova (visuals)
Pre-sale, RM148
Regular, RM178
10 May
Doors open at 7pm
KL Live
Supporting Acts: The Trees & The Wild (ID), Lust (MY)
Early bird, RM138
Pre-sale, RM158
Regular, RM188

12 May
Ground floor, Urbanscapes House
Raising The Roof by Raising The Bar
featuring K-Main, Airliftz, Danye, Kayczar, Gard and MAW
Free entry
12 May
The Bee Publika
Stars and Rabbit with The Venopian Solitude
Early bird, RM58
Pre-sale, RM78
Regular, RM98
13 May
The Bee Publika

The Otherside Orchestra “Disco Chemist” album launch featuring Iqbal M., LUST, Johny Comes Lately, Ramayan and The Times
Pre-sale, RM30
Pre-sale + CD album, RM50
Regular, RM40
To purchase pre-sale tickets, email:

14 May
The Bee Publika
Yahna ‘Haze’ party
featuring Fauxe, Reddi Rocket, Random K.I.D.
RM20 at the door
13 & 14 May
Ground Floor, Urbanscapes House; Medan Pasar
Patina by The Fine Companions
Free entry
13 & 14 May
First floor, Urbanscapes House
Paras Bunyi ― Live show
13 May: Jony Maddkidz, TKI, MH, VMPRMYTH, Tubby, with visuals by The Tomoe
14 May: BURG (Sweden), Menikmati, Another Universe, Adrien Kent, with visuals by EEE Lab
Free entry

Week #3 (15 May until 21 May)

Date / Time
Lineup / Programme
Basement, Urbanscapes House
COLLECTIVE | Individuals
Free entry
First floor, Urbanscapes House
Immersio with Paras Bunyi and Filamen
Free entry
Third floor, Urbanscapes House
#ThisIsKualaLumpur Photo Exhibition
Free entry
18 May
Doors open at 7pm
KL Live
Clean Bandit
Early bird, RM158
Pre-sale, RM188
Regular, RM218
19 May
The Bee Publika
Pestle And Mortar Presents AHM Remix Party featuring Stellar Dreams, Naufal & I-Sky, DPRX and Cuurley
RM30 at the door
20 May
Doors open at 7pm
KL Live

Levi's® presents: 501® Rock & Rivets with Yellow Fang, Kyoto Protocol, Seven Collar T-Shirt and Tempered Mental
Early bird, RM38
Pre-sale, RM58
Regular, RM78
20 May
Viva Home Cheras
Sneakerspeak MY presents ‘When Scenes Collide’
Free entry
20 & 21 May
First floor, Urbanscapes House
Paras Bunyi ― Live show
20 May: DJ Vin, Kubika, Samlaleo Singh, with visuals by The Tomoe
21 May: Slutski, Oddjob, Layde, JonnyVicious, Alex Asquared, with visuals by The Tomoe
Free entry
21 May
The Row
#UNCAGEMUSIC BLOCK PARTY featuring Crystal Castles and hyukoh
Free entry to Backlane, The Deck and Timbre. Limited entry to Slate featuring Crystal Castles, and hyukoh; details on how to win passes to follow

[UPCOMING] Red Velvet "Rookie" Mini Album Event in Kuala Lumpur

The wait is over! Red Velvet, a Korean girl group of SM Entertainment, will be coming to Malaysia for the very first time on 23rd April 2017 to promote their 4th mini album <Rookie>.

Early bird bundle : Includes one "Rookie" album, one "Red Velvet Mini Album Event In Kuala Lumpur" "ROOKIE PARTY ZONE" Entry Pass and one autograph pass (limited to 200 pax only)

  • Each purchase of the "Early Bird Bundle" comes with one (1) Red Velvet "ROOKIE" album, one (1) Red Velvet "Rookie" Mini Album Event In Kuala Lumpur "ROOKIE PARTY ZONE" entry pass & one (1) Autograph Pass.
  • There are five (5) cover options for the Red Velvet "Rookie" album, purchasers are not allowed to choose and will receive a random album cover.
  • It's an All-Standing Event.
  • You will receive a QR code upon the confirmation of your purchase from Peatix. This QR code will be needed in order to enter the venue and redeem your album, entry pass & autograph pass.
  • Your QR code is retrievable on iOS and Andriod devices, or on your web browser upon purchase confirmation from Peatix.
  • Please redeem your purchased "Early Bird Bundle" at Bentley Music Auditorium on the day of the event (11:30AM onward). Your proof of purchase will be required for album redemption.
  • DO NOT upload or share a photo of your QR code with anyone or on any of your social media platforms to avoid fraud or duplication.
  • Each QR code can only be used once. If the QR code has already been scanned once, it will no longer be valid.
  • Please ensure that all parties are present before entering the venue using your QR code.
  • Door opens : 2:30PM
  • One person limited to two (2) "Early Bird Bundle" per transaction only.
  • Only "Autograph Pass" holder is eligible for the autograph session, limited to one (1) person, one (1) autograph pass, one (1) album.
  • One (1) autograph pass, One (1) album only entitles one (1) person on stage to personally get his/her album autographed by Red Velvet.

  1. Each "ROOKIE PARTY ZONE" entry pass admits one person only on a first come, first served basis.
  2. All "ROOKIE PARTY ZONE" entry pass holders agree to be bound by the rules and regulations set by the organizer of the event.
  3. This "ROOKIE PARTY ZONE" entry pass DOES NOT GUARANTEE the "ROOKIE PARTY ZONE" entry pass holder entry. Entry to the event venue is subject to space and safety regulations. The organizer reserves the rights to refuse entry to the event without liability.
  4. The organizer reserves the right to postpone, cancel or change all or any part of the event at any time without incurring any liability for loss or hardship.
  5. "ROOKIE PARTY ZONE" entry pass holders, in their act of attending this event, agrees to assume all responsibilities personally for all the risks and dangers incidental to the event, whether occurring before, during or after the event in and/or around the venue.
  6. "ROOKIE PARTY ZONE" entry pass holders shall follow all instructions given by the authorized personnel of the organizer.
  7. "ROOKIE PARTY ZONE" entry pass holders agree to be searched for any prohibited items, including but not limited to weapons, illegal substances, recording devices, food & drinks.
  8. No photos & video allowed without the prior written consent of the organizer.

[COVERAGE] Going Green with LOVELIFEST 2017

LOVELIFEST 2017 started off with a bang, welcoming many to the festival itself hosted by Yuna Room Records. LOVELIFEST incorporates art and celebrating life, also supporting local acts for everyone to enjoy. Featuring various Malaysian artists such as Bil Musa, Enterprise, Hani & Zue, SalamMusik, Pastel Lite. Celebrating the local art scene, the local vendors at the festival were by independent entrepreneurs truly encapsulating the essence of LOVELIFEST. Additionally, ticket holders were able to fill in their hunger with food trucks by SUKA SUCRE, BONAFIDE, HONCHO PIZZA PARLOUR, CURBSIDE CANTINA and SOFTSRVE. The picnic tables truly fulfills the outdoor festival experience. 

Aside from the music performances, the festival offers activities such as getting on a bicycle and cycling around the Setia City Park. There were an area where festival goers could lay out a mat and rest under a bohemian decorated tent with dream-catchers, while watching the concert across the park.

Sponsored by JOOX Music, the second half of the music acts are MASDO who embodied retro style from fashion to music, OH CHENTAKU, a definition of a rock band and one of Malaysia's top group, HUJAN who blew the crowd away with their powerful performance. The final act was YUNA herself who light up the stage with her vocals, and her presence on stage made the crowd go wild with excitement. She sang songs from her early days and ending the night with the chart topping track - Crush.